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Is the IJA Festival Worth it?

Check out the video discussing all this in a little more depth!

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The 71st Annual IJA Festival 2018

This year, the IJA Festival is in Springfield, MA (USA) from July 16-22nd. It’s a really fun festival full of lots of great stuff.

Is it worth it? That’s something only you can decide, but to help with that decision, I’ve laid out my highlights below, as well as provided a few resources to hopefully help make the experience cheaper if you’re hurting for cash!

I’m also giving away an IJA Festival package worth up to $280! Read till the end to find out how to enter.


-18,000 square foot gym -Open 24 hours -Good lighting -High ceilings -A/C = less smell -Close to the hotel -See amazing jugglers practice – omg they’re right there -Supportive attitude and community.


-Offered all day long, often multiple at the same time! -Special guests often teach high class workshops. -Variety of workshops offered. Ranging from different props to tricks to business.


-Try the props before you buy them. On the fence of which new clubs to buy? Not sure what weight of ball you want? With so many vendors at the IJA, you’ll be able to find which props will be perfect for you before shoveling out all that dough. -Meet the people behind the props. Some of my favorite jugglers are the ones who make and sell the juggling props. They’re full of knowledge and are usually happy to help you find the best props for you. -IJA Festival discounts. Sometimes the vendors will offer special IJA festival deals and prices. Wooo!


Smaller competitions happen throughout the week, and the best part about them is that you usually don’t have to sign up before the fest! Whether you compete or just watch, the smaller competitions are always a great time.

-Numbers: Jugglers compete to throw and catch the most objects they can to break world records. It’s insane, and so much fun to watch. -Joggling: Who knew running and juggling could go so well together? The IJA knows, that’s who. Joggling is a fun and unique part of the festival. -Individual Prop: Rings, balls, clubs. Competitors present their best stuff in each category with short routines. Uniqueness and style really shine in this competition! -X Juggling: How extreme can juggling get? Extremely extreme! Jugglers take turns trying to nail their craziest, most extreme tricks. A really lighthearted and fun competition to attend!


Jugglers from all over the world prepare high-class routines to compete in the IJA Stage Championships. Within the championship are three categories:

-Individuals -Teams -Juniors


The finale of the festival is a talent-packed show with some of the best performers from around the world.  This year the performers include (click their names to see their videos and get PUMPED):


The welcome show starts off the fest with a bang! Performers include:

Michael Karas -Christian Kloc -Fly by Night Salih Mahammed -Kathryn Carr


-MMMM Brunch: Every pre-registered festival package includes a delicious brunch every day. Not only is this great for our tummies, it’s a great way for jugglers to all sit down and mingle before the juggles begin.

-Games: Crazy fun games include Simon Says, Combat Juggling, Endurance, and Quarter Juggling!

-T-Shirts: Did I mention the IJA festival package includes a festival T-Shirt? Sa-weet.



Check out the IJA Travel Page for more official info.

-Ride Shares:

Ask local jugglers, and online friends.Post on the IJA Festival Facebook Page

-When looking up flights, I usually use Momondo or Kayak. Check both, they’re great resources for searching multiple airlines to find you the best deals.

-Check airport alternatives: Airport options include BDL (Hartford CT closest option), BOS (Boston MA), ALB(Albany NY), PVD (Providence RI), LGA (NYC)

Amtrak – There are trains from a few major east coast cities to Springfield for less than $50!

Peter Pan Bus Company – Crazy cheap bus rides from major cities like New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and most cities in Connecticut and Massachusetts to Springfield!


Check out the IJA Lodging Page for more official info.

-The closest hotel option with rooms available (as of this post) is the Tower Square Hotel (only 0.2 miles from the gym). For IJA-rate reservations at $99/night: call 1-844-656-8641 and mention group code GIJUGA.

-Roomshare! You can have up to 4 people per room.

Ask to local jugglers and friends.Post on the IJA Festival Facebook Page

Airbnb: Airbnb is often a cheaper and more spacious alternative to traditional hotels. Options range from single rooms to full houses! Sign up with my referral link to get $40 off! $40 off airbnb

-Uber: Many Airbnbs I saw were only a $10 ride to the gym, which is combined still cheaper than the hotel! Download the app on your phone. First time users can use the code “taylorg580” to get a free ride!

-Lyft: An equivalent to Uber with similar prices. First time users can use code “TAYLOR243487” to get a free ride!

Couchsurfing: Locals open their homes up to guests passing through. This is a great option if you’re really tight on money since it’s almost always free. Plus you get to meet and interact with locals, which in my experience has always been a wonderful bonus.


I’m giving away one festival package to this year’s IJA Festival ($280 value!) Wooooooooo!


You MUST be an IJA member when the winner is picked (date/time) Not an IJA member? It’s only $30 for the year and gives you access to a lot of great stuff including exclusive videos, articles, and discounts. Become a member here!You MUST be able to attend the festival. If you are a minor, parental permission will be required. If you live in a country that requires a visa to enter the US, you must be able to attain that by the festival date.


There are a few ways to enter the contest! You can enter via all of them, or just pick and choose. It’s up to you! You may only enter each method once.

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Contest closes April 13, 2018 at 11:59pm PST The winner will be announced within one week of contest close.


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