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The new Propworthy Pro Beanbags combine look, feel, and durability to bring you a high quality juggling ball set at an affordable price. 

Designed and juggled by Taylor Glenn aka "Taylor Tries"




- the perfect catch  -

Unlike other beanbags that are too floppy or too hard, Propworthy Pro Beanbags are slightly underfilled so they feel great right away without the need to 'break in' - all while maintaining their ball shape for an easy catch. 



- drops happen -
8 panels of premium synthetic leather and tough stitching that can handle all your throws and drops without losing their shape or feel. Available in 3 vibrant colors - purple, blue, and red - that are sure to stand out on stage or in practice. 



- great for juggling (and the environment) -

We chose millet due to its ideal weight and ability to limit bounce when being caught. Unlike other synthetic fillings, millet is the most environmentally and ecologically friendly juggling ball filling available. 



- goldilocks approved -

Propworthy Pro Beanbags were designed and tested by professional jugglers who found the ideal size and weight for a comfortable and consistent catch, regardless of age or hand size.

Pro Color Beanbags - Set of 3 with Bag

$22.00 Standardpreis
exkl. MwSt.
  • WEIGHT ~ 110 grams
    DIAMETER ~ 2.5 inches (66mm)
    MATERIAL synthetic leather
    FILL millet seed
    COLOR blue / purple / red

    Set includes:

    • 3 Propworthy Pro Color Beanbags
    • 1 Propworthy drawstring bag
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